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Who Are We


Our primary program, Rethink Lyfe, focuses on a holistic way of reframing how an individual views themselves and the world. Most Rethink Lyfe participants are people of color with low incomes who have been impacted by the justice system or were recently released from prison.


The 25-hour curriculum teaches evidence-informed  skills and tools for recognizing and addressing personal challenges, trauma, barriers to success in careers, relationships, and personal development. Some skills taught in Rethink Lyfe include: 1) self-awareness; 2) personal accountability; 3) self-management; 4) time management; 5) goal setting; 6) the importance of change; 7) core values; 8) discipline; 9) focus; and 8) living with meaning.


Participants of Rethink Lyfe are coached on applying these skills to all aspects of their lives. For participants with families, an emphasis is placed on using learned skills to strengthening family relationships.



Dreams Are Realized Through Technology (DARTT) Program, which will be an extension of Rethink Lyfe. Through DARTT, participants will begin learning the necessary skills for employment in the technology sector, providing them with greater opportunities for achieving financial security.

The entire program consists of two phases: 1) Introductory and Intermediate Technical Skills Training, and 2) Advanced Technical Skills Training.

Recruitment for DARTT will prioritize graduates from Rethink Lyfe, especially parents. Graduation from Rethink Lyfe is a prerequisite for any applicant to ensure that participants are equipped with the mindsets and tools needed to succeed in the DARTT

The structure of DARTT is designed to accommodate participants with dependent children, so parents can complete their technology training while continuing to work to provide for their families. Over the course of six (6) months, participants will complete 300 hours (or at least 12.5 hours per week) of on-demand, flexible technology training that can be completed at home, with computers being provided to any participants who do not currently own a computer.

Phase 1 of DARTT will accept twenty (20) qualified participants annually, or 2 cohorts of ten (10) participants. Once enrolled, participants will have access to the entire Phase 1 DARTT curriculum covering a variety of introductory courses in personal development, along with training across the technology sector, including Coding for Developers (web/software), Project Management, Cyber Security, AWS (Amazon Web Services), Database Development, UX (User Experience) Design, and Quality Engineering. Training in each area is designed to prepare participants for certifications in each sector.

Participants must be willing to take aptitude tests to qualify.

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