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For those who have been raised in impoverished communities or involved with the justice system where there are income inequality gaps and low opportunity rates, little hope for bridging these challenges exist. Redemption & Advancement Alliance (RAA) is on a mission to address this through the redemption of lives and advancement of opportunities for people through programs and services that address issues of poverty, mass incarceration, reentry, youth prevention, and access to the ways and means of achieving both personal, financial, social equity and success.

The foundation and most important part to eliminating inequality is to focus on the development of the person through the renewal of the mind. By providing training to help overcome cognitive barriers, creating life structure to overcome obstacles, direction to access opportunities and support t thrive, we will help the marginalized access the ways and means to elevate their circumstances beyond their current abilities, fears, obstacles, and opposition.

Socal Justice



Our core workshop, RETHINK LYFE, is a creative holistic learning environment which guides people to recognize what it takes to overcome their personal barriers and renew their way of thinking to overcome deep rooted issues that have disrupted their progression in life.


Dreams are Realized Through Technology (DARTT) allows people who have been impacted by the justice system ringing public awareness of both entry and re-entry barriers within communities and workplaces to build equitable opportunities for redemption and advancement for all.


Coaching for the next level of personal development which focuses on drawing out the individual's strengths to meet specific needs and new opportunities. Coaching encourages greater transparency and deeper development.


Strategically ending cycles of incarceration so that affected individuals and families can have access to resources, build hope for the future, and live free!


Offering advanced support to excel in maturity, family, community, spiritually and other aspects of life through coaching and transforming lives through our structured in-person workshops focused on cognitive development.


Providing referrals to partners and guidance to learn and understand personal value propositions. This support is useful toward gaining meaningful employment that leads toward a sustainable career and self-sufficiency.


Peer pressure in a positive way. This connected mentoring group provides support when life is challenging through encouragement and positive bonds.


Spiritual development helps to step out of disorder and see a bigger life picture. We provide additional support and resources to help encourage a person to see beyond themselves and circumstances to a greater hope. (Optional)

Our work


"I learned to value and focus on the things that are more important. I used to spend too much time worrying about things that didn’t matter, but now I learned to manage my time according to what matters."

— B. Rodgers, Atlanta, GA

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Redemption & Advancement's is a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to disrupt the cycles of incarceration by empowering people impacted by the justice system, income inequality gaps, and low opportunity rates, through providing support to create the blueprint to overcome their barriers and being a strong community resource.

Founder & CEO, Thomas Cotton, established our organization in 2010 in Atlanta, GA. Mr. Cotton brings a true passion of serving those in need, particularly those seeking to re-enter society after being incarcerated. His passion stems from his own personal experiences of incarceration throughout his early life. Twenty years later, Mr. Cotton has established Redemption & Advancement to work with transitional centers and other organizations to create programs that specifically cater to the poor, marginalized, and those seeking to re-enter society and start a new beginning.

The systemic roots for disadvantaged and disenchanted groups without our country are deep. Every step to empower our clients and to renew their mind is a step toward people and communities making better decisions for one another together.




PO Box 161243

Atlanta, GA 30321

Tel: (404) 669-6239

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